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Your Website is Your Internet Image

By Web Directory | Posted in Internet   1 Comment »

Back in the old days if you needed information concerning a business or a service, you had to pull out the old Yellow Pages. You then fumbled through the pages trying to find the right category, and ran your finger down a long list of various businesses, and made phone calls to find out what they offered and what they charged. If your own business was placed in the correct category, and it began with “A” or “B”, then there was a chance you might get some calls and maybe convert calls into customers. But the Yellow Pages have long since just become something to step on to reach higher on a shelf somewhere.

If you really want to get noticed today, you need an internet presence. People are seeing Yahoo, Google, and Bing instead of the old Yellow Pages. This makes your website extremely important. It’s far more than just some Ad on a page full of Ads that showcases your business. It becomes a representation of you company image and is interactive with your customers online. If your business is a brick & mortar one, then no doubt you spent lots of time and lots of money to make your presence known, as well as to display the kind of image you want your company to have. You want to be thought of as ‘professional’. Online it’s your website that you do this with. And first impressions are extremely important. […]

Why is Web Redesign Important?

By Web Directory | Posted in Internet   No Comments »

If you are under the impression that you have a website which runs well, does not have any broken links, has well-updated content, and are regularly equipped with new features, then you probably think that you have no reason to go for web redesign. The entire premise of doing a web redesign project is to keep updating your website so that it remains visible and a step ahead from your competitors. Since the site keeps on growing as time goes on, it begins to outgrow the base and the reason why you launched it in the first place. This gives you a poor system for content management, the content begins to get unorganized, it is not used well, it is not as visible, and the whole thing becomes chaotic.

Web redesigning is a great way for you to place things in order again and to give your users a better browsing experience. In this article we will study some basic reasons why your online business will benefit from a web redesign effort. […]

The Top Four Necessities For Launching Your Website

By Web Directory | Posted in Internet   No Comments »

To launch your own website is a very exciting event for lots of people today. Sometimes it can be the end result of months of planning and design, managing and testing, and now the leap out into the world of the internet to acquire notoriety and fortune. But the sad part is that being able to get people to view the site is a very hard challenge to undertake. It is by far one of the hardest things to overcome to get to the success you desire in your online venture. But there are a few specific things to be done that can improve the results of your efforts and head you toward your goals once launching your site. Here are four things that need serious consideration before launching your site: […]

Some Top Tips For Top Web Designing

By Web Directory | Posted in Internet   No Comments »

Launching your own website can be very exciting and equally rewarding. A site that is well planned can really give a business a positive boost, bringing in sales even during a waning economy. At times website creation can be a bit overwhelming, having so many different options and choices, and all the terminology to acquaint yourself with. But maybe this article can make things a bit easier for you.

Content Creation – We’ve all heard that on the web ‘content’ is king. That is just doesn’t matter how nice your design is, it’s the quality of your content that rules the day. This means your images, your copy, and any other forms of media are crucial to your site’s success. […]

All About Website Development

By Web Directory | Posted in Business, Internet   No Comments »

The great big world of website development has plenty of people in it such as the web designers and the web developers. There are also students who create their own development firms and some other more established digital agencies. There are some really high-end players and studios on this field as well.

Having a website with good design can largely affect the sales you have in your business in a really fast time. Having a good online presence presents opportunities for you to increase the promotion of the products and services that you sell and this in turn will translate into sales. This can only be done if you have good website design and development tools. […]

Revealing Common Mistakes In Web Design

By Web Directory | Posted in Internet   No Comments »

Many newbies to web design believe that creating a business site online only requires creating a few pages and adding some images and color, and then uploading them. Then they believe that website is going to take care of all the needs of their business and will grow and grow with time. They just don’t understand that what really matters is the ‘user experience’ that takes place on their site. Visitors need to be comfortable at the site, and if they don’t, you’ll see that they don’t stick around very long. Surfers want quick satisfaction, and if they don’t feel that, it won’t matter if your site is loaded with great information and products, they won’t stay or buy.

When it comes to web design, never limit your definition of ‘design’ to mere images and splashy colors. There are a lot of other things that factor into this equation. If you neglect these things, your success will become failure. And these things are easy browsing, correct categorizing, easy accessibility, and user-friendliness. All of these should factor into the design of your website. You always want your site to be considered ‘user-friendly’. […]

Benefits of Having Good Website Design

By Web Directory | Posted in Internet   No Comments »

For those who are in the process of deciding if they should get their web design done professionally or not, the main question is whether it will be worth the expense. The truth is that for those who are not so sure about what they are doing and do not have much experience in designing websites, it is likely that you will not be able to make one that gets the necessary benefits for your website’s promotion. Here are a few benefits that you can enjoy from having good website design.

First of all, you are able to increase the visibility of your site. It is useful in attracting new customers from a wider locality. This does more for this purpose compared to other advertising methods. This is key if you are trying to sell products to a wider customer base or to other areas in the world. But your site does have to be designed well if you want that extra attention from other people. […]

How Web Design Impacts Your Business

By Web Directory | Posted in Internet   No Comments »

A lot of customers look for web design firms to keep their websites updated and give it a new and fresher look. This can take a lot of time but when the site is available to be viewed, the customers love how their website looks and they see how it can be efficient and effective soon. Often times the optimism is not long-lived since the web designer turns out to have such a limited vision.

What factors actually affect and improve the productivity of a website? The reputable web designers look at the visual aesthetics of the site as simply one of the many things that affect how the site is as a marketing tool for the business. The main importance should be placed on what the purpose of this site is. Are the customers able to get what they need when they go on your site? How easy is it for them to go through the contents of the pages? How user-friendly is the website? […]

How to Design Your Small Business Website

By Web Directory | Posted in Internet   No Comments »

In order to build yourself a website for your small business, your first move should be to write a brief plan of exactly what it is you want on your site. Your website should be full of content and related graphics. Be sure you hold a clear picture in your mind when you begin creating your site. You want your site to be eye-catching and an interest catcher as well. It needs to be stylish and user-friendly with attractive but not too over-done colors. You just want enough to hold the attention of your target visitors and to make it a pleasant experience for them.

One crucial point to focus on is the page loading time of your site. You want your page loading time as fast as possible. This will help to keep your visitors on your site. People who run into slow loading pages won’t stick around long, they’ll simply move on. So be sure to have your pages load quickly. […]

Building Your Very First Website

By Web Directory | Posted in Internet   No Comments »

In the modern age today, a website is not just for businesses and technology geeks. This can also serve as a useful thing for individual people. Creating your own website is not a stressful thing. It can be very easy and fun if you know what to do. Anybody can do this as long as they are willing to exert a little effort and some time to learn a couple of things.

Prior to launching your very first website, there are some things that you have to understand about the basic workings of websites.

The first thing that you need to think about your website is your choice of hosts. Hosting is not just about the computer or the network that stores all the information about the site. Hosting is often bough through a web hosting firm but you can also do this in-house if you are running a corporation or if you have a staff of experienced site administrators. Doing your own web hosting can be quite complicated so we will not discuss it here but there are plenty of resources on this online. […]

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